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Hay gurl hay.
I totally stalk this hot guy at my school. |D
But but but.
I kinda wanna get stalked too.~
I posted an entry about it, please consider~
 So I was walking to Starbucks today with my friend Charlotte, and I suddenly thought to myself,
"I should like to have a stalker."
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Hello fellow stalkers well here's my story. I've been a stalker for only....maybe 7 months and my stalkee happens to be a teacher.....I know weird but he's REALLY hott and I don't know why but he's the only person I've ever wanted to stalk. And I mean REALLY stalk not just watch as he passes by NO I go to his Track Meets and other things that I might not want to mention......yeah..... :)
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 A community for stalking? I'll fit right in!
I swear the only thing I did this weekend was ogle the hot guys at my cottage sailing and the other hot guys that were swimming. No joke either. I actually sat on the dock for about 5 hours with food, water, sunglasses, cell phone, camera and of course binoculars just.. well, stalking. I think one of them saw me at one point because they actually waved...? Who knows. Let me tell you though ; Canadian boys are hot, eh?

first things first.

Hmm, a stalking community? Ooh, yes. 

I've been a stalker for a year. It started out to just find out the schedule of a boy that I had a crush on. My friends found out about my... activities, and it's been a regular part of my life ever since.

The end.

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i called this one girl before, for all intents and purposes we'll say her name is Andrea here, and she told me never to call her again and how rude it was for me calling here without her giving me her number officially. okay, so i stopped calling here, i like face-to-face conversations better anyway, so i just showed up at her house. she wzsn't awake or something late at night/morning, so until sun-up i sat on her porch assembling a collage. did I mention in my spare time i love making collages of andrea. anyway, i'm not a big fan of dogs barking continually and with increasing loudness, so i went to crash out in her neighbor's bushes. regardless, i thought it be best to hold off our conversing for a couple months. So after some time, I IM'ed her and I was like, wow, it's really great meeting you. you sound interesting. she didn't know who i was. but i said hey, my name is Paul, I think we've met, but i don't remember where. hmm. she said, nah, i don't think so. so anyway, our second encounter was much better because i knew everything not to do ,like outright stalking. now she's gone on vacation for six weeks. she said that when she gets back we would do this and that and i was like oh my god, i hope i'm still alive then. i miss her so much. she's really great. i think she has amnesia.

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Hola. New member: Age sixteen, shy female, tenth grade.

This is what I've commited so far:

Picturewise: I have searched the photo account of the school 'photographers', had friends pose where he was mostly in the background of the photo, copied other peoples photos, and snatched a few group shots he was involved in off the shool hallway wall..

I've gone to the store and replicated the majority of his wardrobe. Framed a copy of a picture he drew. When I was audience with him at a graduation, he touched a flower centerpiece which is now currently on my bedstand. Unfortunately, we only knew each other for a short time. (I didn't kill him, I moved into a new school district)

I am an amateur stalker who likely won't get any worse than this.

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Ooh. that was so cool.
Ah, I have yet joined another stalking community.

My story:
Have been a stalker since: Age 13, Grade 7
First stalkee: First boyfriend
Am now: Age 15, Grade 10
Current stalkee: the girl I have a crush on, one of my really close friends
Stalking is a natural thing for me to do. It's always been a part of me, I guess.

Check out my LJ for more info.
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Hey hey...

Now, this isn't a picture from when we were in eighth grade. It's actually from senior year, after we were cool...even though everybody else still thought it was funny to bring it up and taunt/torture me with it. lol I actually have some pictures of us, but I wasn't sure if that was allowed..? lol And yes, he knew I was taking this picture (obviously).

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But DAMN! Isn't he SEXY? Whoa..
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