Shashashashashashashashashashashashahahahahahastop (sirmookymacor) wrote in stalkerstatus,

Hola. New member: Age sixteen, shy female, tenth grade.

This is what I've commited so far:

Picturewise: I have searched the photo account of the school 'photographers', had friends pose where he was mostly in the background of the photo, copied other peoples photos, and snatched a few group shots he was involved in off the shool hallway wall..

I've gone to the store and replicated the majority of his wardrobe. Framed a copy of a picture he drew. When I was audience with him at a graduation, he touched a flower centerpiece which is now currently on my bedstand. Unfortunately, we only knew each other for a short time. (I didn't kill him, I moved into a new school district)

I am an amateur stalker who likely won't get any worse than this.

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