somethingcreative (somethingcreati) wrote in stalkerstatus,

i called this one girl before, for all intents and purposes we'll say her name is Andrea here, and she told me never to call her again and how rude it was for me calling here without her giving me her number officially. okay, so i stopped calling here, i like face-to-face conversations better anyway, so i just showed up at her house. she wzsn't awake or something late at night/morning, so until sun-up i sat on her porch assembling a collage. did I mention in my spare time i love making collages of andrea. anyway, i'm not a big fan of dogs barking continually and with increasing loudness, so i went to crash out in her neighbor's bushes. regardless, i thought it be best to hold off our conversing for a couple months. So after some time, I IM'ed her and I was like, wow, it's really great meeting you. you sound interesting. she didn't know who i was. but i said hey, my name is Paul, I think we've met, but i don't remember where. hmm. she said, nah, i don't think so. so anyway, our second encounter was much better because i knew everything not to do ,like outright stalking. now she's gone on vacation for six weeks. she said that when she gets back we would do this and that and i was like oh my god, i hope i'm still alive then. i miss her so much. she's really great. i think she has amnesia.

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