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Dude, this is great...a stalker community. lol My former classmates would totally get a kick out of this. In eighth grade (mind you, I graduated last year: 2004), I got called a "stalker". And to this day, even though it's been five years, I'm still known as "the stalker". lol And NO, I did NOT stalk him. I have some great stories though..lol I guess the term stalker is just something you gotta own. :) Woo... I'll hafta get a picture of my "stalkee" from eighth grade. Damn, he's SEXY. *drool*
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And there she was

I've seen her at this club 3 times now. We dissected a crawfish in biology today and I expected to see her tonight again. I kept the cheliped (pincher) and took it home with me. I wrote her a brief letter [i love you, and hope to continue seeing you] and wrapped it around the cheliped. I slipped it into her coat pocket as she was ordering a drink at the fountain. I'm anxious to communicate with her again.

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hi everyone my name is kevin and I stalk a girl named angela. i now live across the street from her and my livingroom window looks directly into her living room. It's great. I have a lot of details about her in my journal (friends only, add me to be added).

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okayy here is one guy i stalk.
lol no mean remarks PLEASE!
i didnt take this though, but yeah, I FOUND IT.

hope that works.

soooo hott. OKAY maybe not the sooo but yeah!

new layout

hey everyone,
just made a new layout... hope you like!
there would be a thin white border around the outside but i guess my overrides are messed up.
anyway, get out your digital cameras and start taking pictures!

note: please remember to keep these pictures private, and don't put the people's names along with the pictures unless they know you are doing so.

-you can just call me zapato
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