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Come join us.

stalking is great fun
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Are you a stalker?
This community is for stalkers from all over to post pictures/tell stalker stories (Pictures are of themselves, or the people they are stalking). Just to clarify, we aren't really stalkers, and you shouldn't be either. We are just some people who might happen to see a hot girl/guy and snap a shot of them... Stalking can become a crime and we hope that no one that joins is subject to getting in trouble with the extent the they "stalk". We're just here to have fun and share pictures and stories for our own amusement! =D

Just to make sure no one gets in trouble, we would like it that names are not included with the people that you post pictures of, unless you have their consent. It would be best to just keep everything anonymous, unless the person posting would like to give their name. Please obey these rules, and HAVE FUN!